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Paintball USA contacted us and we were able to update their site, creating a more effective usability than their previous site. Paintball USA had a significant amount of content on one page, lessening the effectiveness of the content they were putting out. We custom designed each page, which gave strength to each essential piece of information that they wanted their customers to know. However, we were able to help Paintball USA with more than just web design. Through the work of our marketing team, we have grown their presence on Google exponentially. At SCV HomeTown Web we strive to help companies succeed through brand, web, and marketing, and Paintball USA was a perfect example of this.


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April Schwartz

"When it came time for us to find a new web designer, we began searching and contacted a number of local companies for information on services available. We were greeted with courtesy and professionalism when we contacted SCV HomeTown Web, as well as a thorough description of their services. This response was a welcome difference from the lack of information we were able to find from other companies. In the initial meeting we were given all the information we needed to know and a written proposal with pricing. They were honest, sincere, and ensured each page of the website was what we wanted. Our website is more than what we hoped it would be and much better than our previous design. The entire experience with SCV HomeTown Web was excellent and we would definitely recommend them."

April Schwartz - Paintball USA