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Christ Lutheran Church has been in Santa Clarita for over 50 years. During that time their brand had become fragmented and many logo variations were being used. We worked with Christ Lutheran Church to update the look, tone and feel of not only their website but also their logo. Christ Lutheran Church has fully embraced the new look, tone and feel on their social media and print materials.

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Judy Barnes

"Our church’s website wasn’t keeping up with the changes in technology or popular culture. We were still geared toward people sitting at a desk looking at the website on a desktop computer. We needed a website that could be easily viewed on different platforms.

As a church, we need to be certain we are being good stewards and using our funds as wisely as possible. We tried to make small changes to our existing website as long as we could, but the church leadership realized we were falling behind. When the decision was made to invest in a new website, we wanted to be sure we would end up with a site we were confident could be easily used by a Senior on an old desktop at home or a Millennial viewing it on their smart phone.

As Director of Communication and Multi-Media, I was reaching out to local churches to find out who they used for their websites. That was how I met Joshua Maddux. Joshua kindly met with me and talked about the current thinking on websites – how to be effective in reaching people and getting our information across. He explained what SCV HomeTown Web could do for us. After our conversation, Joshua gave us a proposal. After reviewing that, along with proposals from other companies, we knew that SCV HomeTown Web was the right choice for us. Not only could they give us a great looking website that automatically formatted to be viewed on any platform, it would be easy for me to add pages, menu items, change the home page slideshow… whatever I need to do. A short-term Capital Campaign page, a new Prayer Page, make changes to our Staff page… I can do it all without having to spend additional funds.

A church website is unique; we aren’t really a business attracting customers or clients. We want our site to be useful to both long-time congregation members and someone who is seeking - trying to find a place to belong. It was great to have Joshua, who had extensive experience with churches. He understood what we needed and didn’t try to fit us into a “cookie cutter” business design. He met with us and explained what they would do and answered all of our questions. I have never had an occasion when I needed to talk to him to ask a question where I couldn’t speak with him right away. He and his team have always gone above and beyond.

We couldn’t be happier with our website! We couldn’t be happier with the experience of working with SCV HomeTown Web. I would confidently recommend them to anyone (by the way, I already have!)"

Judy Barnes, Director of Communication and Multi Media - Christ Lutheran Church SCV
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