Santa Clarita SEO by SCV HomeTown Web

Santa Clarita SEO by SCV HomeTown Web

Over the past few months we have been talking with Connor Macivor over at Paris911 about Search Engine Optimization. Connor hosts a online radio show and also started doing video talk shows as well. Just over a week ago we went on SCVMoves with Connor Macivor and talked about SEO and how it has changed over the years.

What's Changed?

Over the past few years search engines have gone from a traditional search to a social search. The big search engines like Google are now using your social media groups to help provide the best results to you. "But, wait! My friends can effect what results come up on Google", you say. Yes and no. Google uses Google+, recent searches, things you like and many other factors to decide what results to display. For example if you search "Parks" well you are in Santa Clarita you may get results for parks like William S. Hart Park or Central Park. However, some one searching the same keyword in another state would not want to see parks in Santa Clarita as the first result. This type of search is based off of the users location. 

What's Next?

Whether you are a client or not we would recommend that you watch the below video to gain a better understanding of SEO. If you want more information or need our help then give us a call at 661-347-1426.


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Santa Clarita SEO by SCV HomeTown Web

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