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So, your website is finally done. All your specifications for design, layout, and features have been met. It's ready for Internet users to access your new web pages. Everything is exactly how it should be. But wait—the website building journey is not over just yet. What if you want to change the way the items you sell are listed? What if someone catches a spelling error on one of your pages, and you need to fix it? What if you want to change the text on your homepage so that your slogan says something new every week? No problem. Built into your website is a content management system—a program that enables you to make minor changes to your website's content whenever you please. Our job at SCV HomeTown Web is to make sure that you understand how to use your content management system properly and easily.

DrupalWhile we are always available for your maintenance needs on any existing website, it is part of our mission to aid you in understanding how to make changes to your website. SCV HomeTown Web uses one of the most user friendly content management systems available to ensure that you will have as little frustration as possible in making changes or updates to your website. These use friendly systems allow you to create new content for your site without any help from us, which will save you both time and money. Instead of having to contact us for every minor update or change you want to make to your site, we ensure that you are familiar enough with the content management system to make those changes without wasting time or money having us make those changes for you.

Because we are local to the Santa Clarita Valley, we are happy to schedule face-to-face meetings with you. That way we can more easily walk you through the steps of how to work with your content management system. This is a luxury that our competitors are not able to offer, as their entire communications is conducted over email or the phone, and nothing is done face-to-face. For all your content management systems needs, SCV HomeTown Web is here to help.

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