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One of the most popular and influential advances in communications is electronic mail. It makes it possible for letters to be sent and received in a matter of seconds, instead of a matter of days. It drastically lowers—and sometimes, even eliminates—the need for paper in order to effectively communicate, which cuts down on waste and the need to buy paper. With the ability for mobile devices to now access the internet and email servers from wherever the device is taken, E-mail can be sent from literally anywhere in the world, by anyone who simply has a connection to the web. Advancements in social networking, the rise in popularity for texting, and the ease of use of instant messaging have made E-mail seem like old technology. However, for companies to forget the benefits that E-mails can provide them could be detrimental. People use email every day of their lives. Taking advantage of that simple fact could make a world of difference in a business's success.

If your business has accumulated a list of E-mails from clients or customers that have come to you in the past, we can help you transform that list into an effective marketing tool. SCV HomeTown Web is here to help you make E-mailing profitable with very little effort on your part. We can show you how to turn that list of past customers into a list of customers who keep coming back to buy from you again and again. We can do that by helping you turn your weekly blog posts into weekly emails that customers will be able to use to update themselves on the changes within your company. We can also help you design an efficient E-mail layout that will more directly target your customers and draw their attention to the information you have written for them. Sending coupons or special promotions for those customers who are loyal to you can further promote them to return to your business for their needs. We know how to best help you make E-mailing profitable for your business. With whatever needs your company has, SCV HomeTown Web is here to help.

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