Life Coach

As a member of the life coaching industry an individual will provide aid to a person by helping them identify and realize their personal goals.  Perhaps guiding that individual in a direction that they had not prior thought was the correct path, a practice that can often be associated with therapy and even psychology.  SCV HomeTown Web can help any life coach in finding their own unrealized goals; we can provide an open forum for a life coach to contact many clients at once through a weekly e-mail newsletter. A website where potential clients can see the types of services they can expect and prior testimonials which attest to the validity of a life coach's advice and services.  Benefitting any life coach greatly, since the business can be so referral driven, by simplifying the process for potential clients to find prior client information and reviews.  In the end, SCV HomeTown Web can assist a life coach in reaching out to more clients and helping more people realize their untapped potential, through the use of a website that drives more business to said life coach.

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