Content management systems come in many shapes and sizes. When you want a flexible CMS that handles every situation you throw at it, you want Drupal. This open source CMS platform started off as a humble message board script back in 1999. It rapidly grew from there, thanks to community involvement, and began to transform into the CMS you see today.

Images are worth a thousand words, and ultimately your website is the front-line image many potential customers will have of your company. Whatever you have to say about your business through mission statements, products descriptions, blog posts or newsletters will only have an impact if your visual presence has an impact. Professional web design is all about guaranteeing a lasting impression.

Real Life Church, one of America’s fastest growing churches in 2013, came to us for a website that would match their vision. What we came up with was an appealing, clean, and compressed website. Navigation across the board became very easy as we combined three sites into one fully functional platform. We also increased the ease of sharing content to social media platforms to help branch out their exposure. We revamped the live broadcast page to be more responsive, alongside the downloadable media. Overall the look, tone, and feel of their site went right along with their campus and their branding.

A few weeks ago I talked about "The Benefits of Creative Web Design". This week I want to bring that topic back up and talk about More Benefits of Creative Web Design.

What Turns Web Design into Creative Web Design

Large companies can employ a chief marketing officer and a specialty staff when marketing, whether online or traditional, is done entirely in-house - it's what that department does all day, every day. Do you have an employee or a group with that kind of potential? More importantly, does your company have the capacity to support such a specialized human resources infrastructure?

Pleasing your customers with regard to your company website design in Los Angeles is one of our top priorities. Because of this customer driven need, it is essential that your website be both a useful portal into how your business is run and an enjoyable place for your customers to visit when they are seeking out your type of product or service. Attracting potential customers into your sales funnel is good, but keeping them coming back and referring others is even better. The following is a brief list of important subtopics to consider as you craft a website design for the dual purpose of customer education and enjoyable visitation.

Are you going into web development with a sizable consumer-base already in your pocket? There are some fun ways to keep your customers engaged while anticipating the launch of your website that will effectively promote your business in the process.

Are first impressions these days made online? What's the value of the right creative web design for your company? If you're asking those questions, you may already know the answer: today, first impressions are obviously made online. In fact, for many of your existing or potential customers around Santa Clarita or beyond, your website, social media and marketing strategy are your only tools to craft a lasting impression on potential customers. Your virtual presence may also be your only competitive opportunity to make a sale.

With this economy, I think it’s safe to say that every American is looking for a way to save money while still sustaining their needs and wants. So what better way to take advantage of this than to offer killer deals that don’t take a huge hit on your company? Printable coupons, online special offer codes, flyers with specials on them, these are all means that can be used to your organization’s advantage!

As I scour the internet on a daily basis for websites of one type or another, I notice a stark difference between the sites designed by professional web design companies and those done by amateurs. The end result of amateur-designed websites generally offers little that stands out, poor functionality, and little creativity – perhaps suitable for a small personal blog, but of little use for any respectable business. Sites built by professional web design companies, on the other hand, stand out for their ease of use and visual appeal, promote a strong brand identity, and make transacting business through the website secure, convenient, and simple.

I first want to start off by saying that I normally keep my posts very professional and on topic. However, I want to stray from that norm this week and talk about this holiday season. With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas just around the corner I want to stop, take a step back and look at this season and what it means to me.