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Networking is essential when you are a small business trying to make yourself known in a sea of large competitors. If done correctly, networking can give you an advantage over those who don't. Done incorrectly, you could end up being the least possible person anyone wants to work with. One way to get put into that second category is to make a networking event all about you.
Being online doesn't guarantee exposure, and it doesn't ensure any exposure you do receive will be positive. As a business owner, you can't buy into the idea that if you are online, people will find you. It is up to you to make your presence known and to make it the kind of presence that will benefit you and your business. So, how do you do this? That's what we want to help you with today. Start with the foundation.
In many instances, the question of whether you should add a blog to your website is a resounding "Yes!" A blog can offer many benefits that can advance your business and increase your web presence. But in other cases, a blog will not provide any benefits and can harm your business. Let's explore the impact having a blog can provide, both positive and negative.  
Websites aren't all the same. Granted, they share some basic elements, but each one has features that make it different from all the others depending upon their purpose. People often ask us is what the benefits of having a custom designed website as opposed to one that uses a pre-made template with a few tweaks are? Here is what makes a custom website help you and your business.
Today's businesses can't grow to their greatest potential without a social media presence. That is a fact everyone knows. What we found is that not everyone understands that each social media interaction is not equal. You need to know what will help and hinder your growth as a business. To help clear up that confusion, we offer you the following insight.
Small businesses work hard to stay competitive online, where the entire world is a potential customer base. Even if your target audience is within a defined area, online presence is necessary to be found.  You also know that having a website doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have people visiting. How, then, can you increase your chances of future customers finding you among the sea of small businesses? Read on to find out.
It isn’t surprising that well-designed websites are a major factor in boosting business profits. In fact, more than 70% of internet users say they often judge the credibility of a company based on its website. As an experienced professional web design company, we’ve identified some common misconceptions to help you move forward with your site. Here are six web design fallacies SCV HomeTown Web wants you to look out for:  
You’ve probably run into more than your share of splash pages as you wander around the internet. You click on a link to a website and a page pops up that may have a short film, slide show or other animation. It contains the site name in bold, impossible to miss font. There may also be a chance to choose how you want to view the website and information on the specs necessary to get the most out of the site. This is a splash page. At one time, these pages were very successful, but they are becoming less so.
The perfect domain name for your website is simply “yourname.com,” correct? Well, if yours happens to be a household name that would probably be true, but the chances are that isn't the case. The best domain name brings potential customers to you quicker than your competition. Not everyone can be the top keyword search on Google, but with the proper domain name, the chances of being found by your ideal customer increase. When asked about how to choose the best domain name, we suggest the following criteria.
When your business is new, you may not be in a financial position to invest in a paid website. It is important that you consider switching from free hosting to a website design hosted elsewhere as soon as possible. Your site is the only representation of your business that many potential customers will see. You want to make the best possible impression you can from the start because you may never have a second chance. Consider these reasons a free website may be hindering your success and how a paid one can change that.


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