Have you found yourself wondering, "So how does SCV Home Town Web work?"
Let us help you understand what to expect from SCV Home Town Web.

1 Initial Meeting

During our first meeting, we like to talk with our clients and get to know their business.  We will discuss which of our services they think will help them and then explain how we operate.  If the client has a physical location we like to meet them in their place of business so we can get a feel for their business style, services, and atmosphere.  It is important for us to understand the client's business so that we can capture what makes that client unique and represent that in our design.

2 Research & Proposal

After we gain a good understanding of the client's business and what the client is looking for, we research the client's industry for competitive comparison and put together a proposal outlining what our services will entail with the cost for the project.  We will send the proposal over to the client for review and be available to answer any questions that may come up.  Once the client approves the proposal we will get to work. 

3 Concepts & Client Input

Once the proposal is signed we will start work on building the concepts.  We like to gather as much input from the client as possible.  Our design strength lies in our ability to listen to the client, understand their vision and make it a reality.  The design process is a process and requiters the clients time.  We work with the client by listening to their input, providing our input, and creating an end product that accomplishes the initial goals and meets or exceeds the clients expectations.  We strive to build a working relationship with our clients that will extend beyond our initial project.